En este momento estás viendo Gala Dinner Against Gender Violence

Gala Dinner at Puente Romano Against Gender Violence

Dear friend:

It is a pleasure to inform you that Asociación Mujeres para el Diálogo y la Educación (Women for Dialogue and Education) is organizing an event to call urgently our society’s attention upon the serious situation suffered by gender violence victims.

This Gala Dinner against Gender Violence will take place next August 5th, 2006, in the restaurant Puente Roamano, in Marbella. It will consist in a dinner and a beneficent raffle presented by the actress Laura Valenzuela and the writer José Aguilar.

It costs 120 € for cover. Among the assistants we will have many Spanish TV and cinema celebrities supporting the Gala like: Mabel Lozano, Antonio Montiel, Lita Trujillo, Asunción Balaguer, Encarnita Polo, Aurora Bautista, José Manuel Parada, Miguel Caicedo, Máximo Valverde, etc., as well as different representatives of politics and society. There will be as well a “table zero” for extra contributions.

The association Mujeres para el Diálogo y Educación will give the funds collected to the project carried out by the Association Mujeres Juristas Themis which offers free legal assistance and defence to women who are victims of mistreatment. This organization is one of the most outstanding entities in the fight for the women’s rights.

Therefore, we would appreciate your presence and cooperation of yourselves and of your friends sensitive with this topic.

If you wish, you can acquire your invitation at:

  • Delegación de Servicios Sociales del Ayuntamiento de Marbella (C / Jacinto Benavente, 11 – Srta. Patricia: 952 770 900),
  • or the FNAC (Centro Comercial La Cañada de Marbella).
  • Also if you want to give a donation, you can make a credit transfer to the CC Number: 2038 1735 97 6000467862, specifying Violence of Gender, or sending us a check. All donors and cooperators will be subject of public aknowledge.

I also have the pleasure of informing you that Women for the Dialogue and the Education has summoned a press conference next Monday, July 10th, in Alfonso XIII Launch of the Hotel Ritz, in Madrid, at 12:30 o’clock a.m., to present this Gala. Giovanna G. of Calderón Attard, president of MDE, will attend the press conference, as well as Palmira León, vice-president of Mujeres Juristas Themis, the actresses Concha Velasco, Asunción Balaguer and Alejandra Greppi, the singer Encarnita Polo and the journalist José Aguilar.

If any doubt comes up, I am at your entire disposition. The effort is worthwhile.

Thanking you for your solidarity and help.

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